Collection: All-Natural Grass-Fed "Misfit Meats"

Introducing "Misfit Meats," where unique and perfectly delectable beef cuts find their home at discounted prices. These cuts come from our grass-fed Wagyu and Angus cattle and are, in every sense, a delicious culinary adventure.

While these cuts may not meet our stringent Wagyu marbling standards, or perhaps the steak was not cut to our usual specifications, or the beef was ground at a slightly different ratio of 70/30 instead of our standard 80/20, they still offer an outstanding eating experience.

At our ranch, we believe in minimizing waste and making the most of every resource. Our Misfit Meats line reflects this commitment to sustainability. So, if you're an adventurous food lover looking for top-notch flavor with a twist, Misfit Meats is the perfect choice for your palate and your budget.

All-Natural Grass-Fed "Misfit Meats"