Collection: All Natural Grass Fed & Finished Icelandic Lamb

Iceland lamb is quite unique to all the world.  It has characteristics that do not exist anywhere else and these qualities can not be duplicated. Icelandic Lamb is very mild with a clean, delicate flavor.  The meat is tender with a fine texture, due in part to the higher red muscle fiber resulting from an all natural diet that’s truly wild. This distinctive breed when combined with free roaming in a wild, pristine environment results in a product that is unsurpassed in any market today.

One of the world’s oldest breeds of sheep, the Icelandic sheep has been around for more than 1100 years. One of the purest sheep breeds in the world, the Icelandic sheep is a descendant of the Northern European short-tailed sheep. Ewes of this breed generally reach about 120 to 145 pounds, while rams can be as large as 220 pounds. They do not need to be fed any grain or given any kind of growth hormone in order to put on dense, healthy growth and therefore is a truly All-Natural heritage breed.