Collection: Pre-Smoked BBQ

Introducing our Pre-Smoked BBQ Collection, expertly smoked right here in our local area by Koehler's Meat and Sausage Company. Elevate your barbecue experience with the rich, indulgent flavor of Wagyu beef and Mangalitsa pork in every bite. Our selection includes Wagyu Short Ribs, Wagyu Brisket, Wagyu Sausages, Weiners, Breakfast options, Mangalitsa Pork, and more.

We offer customization for your special occasions – if you desire to smoke another meat that isn't listed in our options, please reach out to us. We'll gladly arrange to have your preferred meat pre-smoked and delivered to your doorstep. Pricing varies according to the chosen cut and size, ensuring that you have the perfect barbecue selection for any event. Enjoy the convenience and quality of pre-smoked meats with a touch of Wagyu and Mangalitsa excellence.